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About The Good-Regulator Project

Love Affair With An Idea

It was some time during the mid-1990's when I first stumbled across a reference to Roger C. Conant and W. Ross Ashby's so-called  "Good-Regulator Theorem" and the experience I had is surely best described by the phrase "love at first sight."

To be honest, I still don't completely understand why I responded to it the way that I did because when I first tried to read their paper I could barely understand what they were talking about because of all the technical jargon.  But for some reason their title, "Every Good Regulator Of A System Must Be A Model Of That System",  captured my imagination and beckoned me to the task of understanding it.

At first I tried to find what others might have written about it and although quite a few references to Conant and Ashby's paper can be found, none of them offered the answers to the questions that I had.  Then about 5 years ago I finally decided to get serious and commit to my curiosity, and the ultimate result has become The Good-Regulator Project.  

I hope you enjoy and find useful what you can learn here.

Daniel L. Scholten

project founder, director, chief researcher, research assistant, technical support specialist, web designer, Java programmer, technical writer, copy-editor and all-purpose-dude-who-runs-for-coffee.  (Okay, so, yes, I am currently the entire staff of the Good-Regulator Project).