The Good-Regulator Project

Our Mission

The Good-Regulator Project
is an independent, volunteer research effort dedicated to increasing public awareness and understanding of the crucial role played by models and representations in the regulation of complex systems.

Our Method

We accomplish our mission by providing high-quality educational materials free of charge to the public.  For the time being, these materials focus exclusively on Conant and Ashby's "Good-Regulator Theorem".  This fundamental result establishes that the simplest, optimal regulator of a system must be a model of that system, and our educational materials help learners to achieve an enriched, high-level understanding of this idea as  well as its implications and applications.

The purpose of this website is to provide public access to the educational resources developed by The Good-Regulator Project.

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Special Feature!  Completely Free!

The Three Amibos Good-Regulator Tutorial

Check out this vibrant, dynamic teaching tool that brings the Good-Regulator Theorem to life! You will be fascinated by the hypnotic dance of the Three Amibos as they lead you to an enriched, high-level understanding of this important fundamental law from the System Sciences.

This tutorial consists of an extensive text-based exploration of the  meaning of Conant and Ashby's theorem and especially its relevance to our lives as individuals who don't necessarily work for NASA or read technical journals.  It also includes a colorful,  interactive animation panel that supports the text and illustrates the basic concepts required to understand the theorem.  This dynamic, high-quality tutorial is COMPLETELY FREE for public use and enjoyment!